How to lower blood sugar naturally

What is the most important number to a diabetic or pre diabetic? Of course, my blood sugar number. How good or bad we do at keeping that number down is how most diabetics rate our day. What is the most important question a diabetic would need answers to? Yep, How to lower blood sugar naturally. The answers to this question is the key to feeling healthy and feeling great about your day. I’ll be sharing some good tips on how to lower blood sugar naturally.

What Not To Eat

The most obvious answer to “how to lower blood sugar naturally” of course is your food selection. At the same time we all know that’s probably the hardest task to accomplish in lowering your blood sugar naturally, so lets just start out talking about what not to eat. It is a mind set we eventually have to get to, but if we can get there we can help increase the effectiveness of the other tools I’ll talk about here. So, what’s an easy way to lower blood sugar through food selection? One easy way is “No Fast Food”. Pass up the Golden Arches and all those guys. I bring my lunch to work every day and yes sometimes it’s time consuming and a hassle, but if your serious about getting healthy it’s worth the pain. Now with the actual selection. No heavy, starchy foods like pasta, rice, white bread. When my wife makes spaghetti she makes it with wheat pasta instead of white pasta, we do brown rice instead of white rice. It is easy, just substitute wheat for anything white. I’ve also noticed that fried greasy food elevates my blood sugar levels as well which is why fast food is so bad for us diabetics. I live in south Louisiana so seafood is a big part of our culture and I’ve had to train myself to pass up the delicious fried seafood and instead have learned to love boiled and broiled seafood instead. And since we are trying to control sugar levels it would be silly to leave out the importance of limiting actual sugar. Yes, I’m talking about the satisfying to your mouth sweets and most important processed sweets. There are natural sugar substitutes available and we will talk about them in my next post. If you can get your mind set to a place where you can eliminate these four types of foods you will start to see your blood sugar levels fall immediately.

What Do We Eat

How to lower blood sugar naturally? Of course! Eat natural foods. Leave the processed foods in the box and eat more nuts, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. God made these foods for a reason. They are what was intended for our bodies to digest and consume for fuel. For breakfast, I eat a banana and fist full of almonds and that’s darn near every morning. Sometimes I’ll eat a big plate of scrambled eggs. For lunch, I’ll eat grilled chicken and some type of vegetable. If I just didn’t have a chance to get that prepared for lunch, I’ll just eat a simple turkey sandwich with Wheat bread. For dinner, my wife will prepare your ordinary meals that most of us would recognize like a spaghetti or grilled chicken with veggies, meals we all know and she will just substitute any starchy or sugary with a natural substitute like wheat noodles or zucchini noodles. Like I said we have to get to that mind set where our health is more important than our cravings for sugar and starches.


Natural Supplements and Replacements

Staying on the same topic with food selection, there are natural supplements and sugar replacements available that work really well. I use Stevia powder in my coffee to help with that sugar crave and I’ve tested it and it does not raise my sugar levels as advertised. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar so it goes a long way. You can also cook with it as well. If you wanted to make some sugarless desert, Stevia is the way to go. And it’s made from a leaf found in South America….(Natural). There are other natural supplements to help lower blood sugar levels that I’ll share in my next post. So if you’re like me and enjoy a little sweet in your coffee, nature has given us resources to provide that sweetness and at the same time protect our blood sugar levels.

Get Moving

There is nothing more effective and immediate in lowering blood sugar levels than exercise. I’ve tested it and it’s the most effective tool in my opinion. I’ve lowered my sugar level by 45 points after jogging for 15 minutes. Now, how intense your exercise session is will determine how much it lowers your levels. I recently tested after I did a simple routine of push ups, pull ups and arm curls with my wifes’  15lb dumb bells. The routine took about 15-20 minutes and my sugar levels dropped by 25 points from 140 to 115 and that was immediately after I was finished. I’m positive my levels would have been lower after an hour after because I know my muscles where still recovering long after I finished the routine. Point is I don’t think there is a more effective and immediate way to lower blood sugar levels than good old fashion exercise. And yes exercise is natural. It may not always feel natural but when your lungs are burning or muscles are on fire just know that sugar is being incinerated as fuel. So get moving!

In A Nut Shell

Pun intended. If you are looking for answers on How To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally, here are four easy and natural ways to start pecking away at your sugar levels. It starts with a personal decision on what’s more important to you, your health or whatever reason you can come up with that’s would keep you from taking control of your sugar levels. If you are like me, and you don’t want your health to be a burden to your family then this will be an easy decision to make. I hope these tips will help you on your quest to lower those blood sugar levels. Stay tuned for more tips and products to control those blood sugar levels naturally.







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