Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes and exercise… two words that should flow together like birds and the bees or any other great cliche. Now, I realize they don’t but I’ll share some information today on why this should be a cliche that rolls off your tongue. Whether you are controlling your diabetes naturally or taking medication, exercise in my opinion is the best natural remedy to lower blood sugar numbers. I also realize that not everyone will be on the same level of fitness, but that really doesn’t matter. Just a small amount of exercise will make a huge difference in your numbers. In this post I’ll explain how to capitalize with exercise no matter your fitness level.

Start Early

Start your exercise early in the day. It’s just a good practice in general to get the day off with our exercise routine. It gets our metabolism going, gets the blood flowing, clears the mind and gets our body ready for the day. Starting exercise early will get our sugar levels down to a great start off number because we will already be at our fasting numbers when we wake up in the morning and then knock it down another 20-40 points depending on how much and to what level you exercise. If we wait until the evening time we will probably be drained mentally and physically from a hard days work which makes starting any exercise routine hard to do.

Now if you are one of the fortunate ones and you are not spent at the end of the day and exercising at the later part of the day is a breeze for you than that is awesome because you can use the exercise at the end of the day to get those sugar levels down to a respectable number before you go to sleep. But in my opinion its best to start the day off with exercise because we can get into a morning routine that will most likely not be interrupted like the end of the day can be and become consistent with our exercise routines.

Be Consistent

One characteristic of your training that doesn’t depend on your fitness level is just staying consistent with your exercise. Diabetes and exercise will never become a flowing cliche until it the exercise word becomes a consistent part of our day. Staying consistent with exercise will keep our sugar levels respectable as long as we are respecting our diet at the same time, they work together.

Staying consistent is where the mental resilience comes in to play. It’s a decision we have to make and its place we have to get to mentally where we decide that diabetes will not control us but we will control diabetes and just being consistent with our exercise will keep diabetes in a manageable place. To be honest that’s all we can do is keep it manageable and consistency is the name of the game.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Cardio exercise in my opinion is the way to go. No matter what our fitness level is, we can all do some type of cardio. And from what I’ve experienced cardio can burn more sugar at a novice fitness level than any other kind of exercise. There’s just so many ways to get a cardio work out in. Cardio can be done inside or outside, can be done at the gym or at home, it can be done running down a quiet country road or down the sidewalks of a busy metropolitan city. It can be done anywhere and its very effective. If you’re not a runner you can burn up sugar by swimming. Swim to one end of the pool to the other and see how effective swimming can be at getting your heart rate up and your muscles will be screaming, without the pounding of the pavement. If you don’t have access to a swimming pool or its too cold to swim, cycling is another form of cardio that is real effective. Point is cardio can be accomplished by the most novice to the most elite athlete and if you push yourself it will vaporize the sugar in your blood through muscle restoration.

The Ultimate Exercise

Cardio is in my opinion the best exercise to incorporate with natural diabetes control because it does not exclude anyone, but if you want to take it to the next level and what I would describe as the ultimate exercise, I would consider Cross Fit. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to perform the Cross Fit exercise routines but it does take a certain amount of time to become acquainted and get comfortable with some of the movements. But if you want the ultimate combination of muscle/cardio training then Cross Fit is the ticket. If you get tired of jogging or running on a treadmill and seem uninspired by your current cardio routine I would suggest giving Cross Fit a try.

Especially when it comes to lowering blood sugar, this type of exercise is the ultimate. Cross Fit includes muscle building movements that will push your body to the edge of exhaustion and at the same time incorporates cardio throughout the routine because its based on how fast you can complete routine. So when Gregg Glassman came up with Cross Fit I believe he came up with the ultimate exercise for diabetics. Cross Fit is double the trouble for diabetes. When your muscles are fatigued and exploding with blood flow and your lungs are on fire as well just know that sugar has no where to escape and will be burnt up in the fire of desire.


“Diabetes and Exercise” like peas in a pod. These two words are so important in the life of a diabetic. If you have diabetes, I would encourage you to incorporate the latter part of this new cliche into your daily life. If you make exercise a consistent part of your plan to control your diabetes I promise you will see the healthy results that will change your life in a positive direction.





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