Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes and exercise… two words that should flow together like birds and the bees or any other great cliche. Now, I realize they don’t but I’ll share some information today on why this should be a cliche that rolls off your tongue. Whether you are controlling your diabetes naturally or taking medication, exercise in my … [Read more…]

How to lower blood sugar naturally

What is the most important number to a diabetic or pre diabetic? Of course, my blood sugar number. How good or bad we do at keeping that number down is how most diabetics rate our day. What is the most important question a diabetic would need answers to? Yep, How to lower blood sugar naturally. … [Read more…]

About Ray

Welcome to Controlling Diabetes Naturally. Here on this site I will try to share information and products that will help you control your diabetes with Natural diet and remedies as well as the Natural drive within us to live a healthy life and overcome all obstacles. My Story I grew up in south Louisiana, and … [Read more…]